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Sea Cadets Celebrate 50 Years

50th Anniversary

The Naval Sea Cadet Corps was federally incorporated on September 10, 1962 by Act of Congress under Public Law 87-655 as a non-profit organization with specific objectives and purposes in regard to the training and character development of American youth. In this, the fiftieth year since the NSCC was formally established; we celebrate how the Corps has contributed to thousands of current and former Cadets in the development of strong core values, discipline and teamwork. These attributes have benefitted many former Cadets by enabling their success in all walks of life, be it the military, government or business. Our efforts will assist current and future Cadets in the same ways, and will in turn spark the spirit of achievement that has so often thrust our Cadets into lifetimes of selfless service.

J. E. MONAHAN, Executive Director

U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps

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Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to the website of the Bryce Canyon Division located in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. Commissioned September 1964, the Division is among the oldest units in the Nation and drills with its sister unit the Betsy Ross Division. Operating both Divisions under a unified command structure over many years provides an all-male and all-female approach that is unique within the Sea Cadet Program.

Bryce Canyon Division Picture 2013

Bryce Canyon and Betsy Ross NSCC and NLCC Divisions, Officers and Instructors at Annual Inspection

This award winning unit puts to the test our cadets through its character-building program, which is based on the Naval Sea Cadet Mission in a drug-free, gang-free and compliant with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). Although not a recruiting program for the U.S. Naval Services, we encourage our Cadets to live according to the Navy Core Values of Honor, Courage and Commitment.

Our program is for 11 to 14 year old males under the Navy League Sea Cadets, and for 13 to 17 year old males under the U.S. Navy Sea Cadets Corps. Both programs are managed by adult staff officers dedicated to providing and instilling our core values. These officers may be civilians, former cadets or military (active, reserve or retired) that are knowledgeable of youth programs and interested in Cadet training.

Please explore our website and learn more of what we are doing to enrich the lives of the cadets in our progam.

LT Ramiro Cabezas, NSCC Commanding Officer

USS Bryce Canyon (AD-36) Link

Our NSCC and NLCC units are named after the U.S.S. Bryce Canyon (AD-36). The following except is from the Bryce Canyon Association website: "The USS BRYCE CANYON, a SHENANDOAH class destroyer tender, was named after Bryce Canyon National Park, located in the towering plateau country of Southern Utah. The ship was launched on 7 March 1946, but with the end of the Second World War, construction was suspended. In late July 1950, after the outbreak of hostilities in Korea, plans to put the ship in the Reserve Fleet were dropped and Charleston Naval Shipyard was ordered to complete the ship. The BRYCE CANYON was placed in commission on the afternoon of 15 September 1950."

To learn more about the ship and its crew, please visit the Association's website and Newsletter. The links can be found below:

Link to U.S.S Bryce Canyon History.

Link to Association Newsletter.

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Please use the following link to access the Betsy Ross Division Website.

Betsy Ross Division Website Link
Bryce Canyon Division Flag

Divisional Colors

Mission Statement

"...through organization and cooperation with the Department of the Navy, to encourage and aid American youth to develop, train them in seagoing skills, and to teach them patriotism, courage, self-reliance and kindred virtues."

- NSCC Charter - 36 USC 1541

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Annual Unit Awards for 2013

Divisional Awards were made annually at our Holiday Event on Saturday, 14 December. Awards are performance based for Sea Cadet Skills, Academics, Athletics and Most Improved Cadet. The following are our Annual Awards and their criteria for both NSCC & NLCC Cadets:

Bill Bryan Cadet of the Year Award

PO3 William Galvan, USNSCC

LC5 Adam Hauck, USNLCC

This award is for the cadet who is most consistent, always squared away and performs to the best of his ability without thought of personal gain throughout the year. Named after the thirty-year Commanding Officer of this Division whose devotion to youth never missed a beat.

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Gordan Meighan Leadership Award

PO3 Mario Constantino, USNSCC

LC2 Brandon Vallejo, USNLCC

This award is for Exceptional Leadership within the Division. Not Always given to the LPO and it may reflect the up coming leadership qualities in any Cadet. Named after Gordan Meighan whose countless devotion to the Division never waivered.

- - - - -

Carl Phillis Education Award

SR Caleb Goble, USNSCC

LC3 Hared Gonzalez, USNLCC

This Award is for the cadet who promotes through Education, Training, and Unit Participation at all levels within and outside the unit. Named after thirty-year Training Officer for the Division and former CO.

Edwin "Bub Katz" Award

SN Michael Archiga USNSCC

LC2 Jose Rios, USNLCC

This Award is for a Cadet who has improved/dedicated in academics, cadet promotions, uniform care and appearance, and attitude over the 2013 calendar year.

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NSCC Instructor of the Year

INST Laraine Enderle

- - - - -

NSCC Officer of the Year

ENS Adriana Cabezas

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Recent News Header

November 2014 Plan of the Month Released

The POM for November 2014 has been released and can be accessed on the "Unit Schedule" page on the Website.

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Parent Support Group Meeting, Monday, November 3rd

The Parent Support Group Meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. and is open to all parents will address Winter Training / Holiday Celebration.

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Veterans Day Parade: Tuesday, 11 November

Requirements for this event are in the November 2014 POM.

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Bryce Canyon Finished 2nd Overall among 22 Units Participating in Region 11 Flagship

Congratulations Bryce Canyon NSCC Cadets who placed 2nd Overall at Region 11's Flagship. In ceremonies at Camp Pendelton on May 11 attended by Mr. Warren Savage, Chairman of the Board of the U.S. Navy League, our lead sponsor, Bryce Canyon received the following team and indidual awards:

Flagship Individual Awards for Knot Tying go to: 1st Place: Petty Officer Constantino; 2nd Place: Seaman Rodriquez; and, 3rd Place: Seaman Herrejon.

Flagship Team Awards Received were as follows:

2nd Place Overall, 1st Place Exhibition without Rifles, 1st Place Exhibition with Rifles, 1st Place Knot Tying, 1st Place Line Heaving, 2nd Place Semaphore, 2nd Place Stretcher Races.

Pictures from Flagship can be can be accessed through the unit's shutterfly account via the link below:

Click here to access "shutterfly Account".

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NLCC Challenge!

Over 150 Cadets participated in the NLCC Challenge held at Camp Pendleton, Saturday, 5 April. A special thank you to the parents, families and friends who cheered their Cadets on during this annual competition.

Click here to access "shutterfly Account".

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NLCC Cadets Train at Malibu Canyon!

NLCC Cadets train at Malibu Canyon Camp Ground in preparation for NLCC Olympics. Pictures can be accessed via the link below to the unit's Shutterfly Account.

Click here to access "shutterfly Account".

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The April 2014 POM has been updated for SC and NL Units. Please go to the "Unit Calendar" section of the website to access these schedule updates.

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Annual Inspection!

Congratulations to All Hands on the successsful Annual Inspection conducted on Saturday, 22 February! Pictures can be accessed by going to

Click here to access "shutterfly Account".

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Pick-up Area for Cadets!

A pick-up area for Cadets has been established per the illustrated map attached. Parents/guardians or designated pick-up person should arrive no earlier than 8:30 PM, 15 minutes prior to end of drill at the back gate on Magnolia Blvd. A guard team under the supervision of an Instructor/Officer will allow access to the base and direct traffic for arrival and departure. This should reduce the conjestion on Sepulveda Blvd in front of the base. Cadets can be dropped off on Sepulveda Blvd, but pick up will be in the base parking lot only for both Saturday and Monday Drills.

Pick-up area for CadetsDrop-off and Pick-up Areas for Cadets for Mondays and Staurdays.

To obtain drop-off and pick-up locations click here.

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2013 Year in Review Video Available

Depending on your Internet Explorer, please "Allow Blocked Content", if prompted.

Please use "Zoom" controls to view "full screen" by clicking on video screen.

The WMV file is large, please allow a few minutes to down load.

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2012 Year in Review Video

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2011 Year in Review Video

Click here to load and start the video. To return to the web page, "close" the You Tube page.
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